NADA 5.4

The new 5.4 release is available with critical security fixes and other updates, see

What's Changed
- Show citations using Datacite API for studies with DOIs
- Export of citations to RIS and BibTeX formats using DataCite API
- Translations updates for French, Spanish and Arabic
- Fixed: Add checks for expiration date and for licensed data download
- Fixed: Data deposit exported DDI missing IDNO #92
- Fixed: Data deposit auto-fills fields #91
- Added zip preview for external resources
- Updated Scripts, Geospatial and Microdata Schema
- For Microdata schema, country is no longer a required field
- Updated study detail display with new template to show all Microdata/DDI fields

Critical security fixes
Enable CSRF tokens site-wide
Regenerate sessions on login
Expire page cache for admin pages
Fixed access control issues across site admin