NADA 5.2

This is a major release with changes to the UI and functionality of NADA. Please visit our demo catalog to see the new features or visit NADA documentation.

What’s new
- Application UI has been improvised with a new design
- Catalog keyword search has been redesigned to use a single search box to search both study and variable-level metadata
- Support for creating custom search filters/facets has been added
- New and improved card layout for catalog entries with support for showing thumbnails
- Data types supported by NADA now include Microdata (DDI/Codebook 2.5), Time series, Geospatial, Document, Table, Image (IPTC), Video, and Scripts.
- Improvements and new UI for browsing, searching, and comparing variables for Microdata
- Revamped user roles and permissions with more flexibility for custom roles
- New design for site administration pages
- Built-in support for enabling Google Analytics, see the site configurations page
- Bug fixes and improvements for API to manage the catalog
- A new built-in metadata editor (beta) for creating and editing content for Documents, Tables, Images, Time series, and Microdata (limited to study-level metadata)
- Integration with SOLR for better full-text search

How to upgrade
- See our guide to upgrade here

Fresh installation
- See section on installation here